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Artist Development & Management is key for us, MoFo has and is currently developing and managing many projects. Below you can watch and listen to some of the most recent projects from MoFo Music. 



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In 2020 MoFo Music joined forces with IAMAD to co-manage H3rizon, a 3 piece girl group with big voices and big dreams. With over  2.5 million followers on TikTok and 600k+ on Instagram the girls have a bright future. Click the video below to see their latest music video


H3rizon  - COORDINATE (Official LYRIC Video)

H3rizon - COORDINATE (Official LYRIC Video)

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Zolie is the newest signing to MoFo Music she is a multitalented vocalist with a unique singing tone, capable of bringing a variety of genres to life. As a tri-lingual artist, she has the ability to perform in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, providing a truly global experience for fans around the world. Her original compositions are never far from her heart, and her songwriting skills come naturally, giving a personal touch to every performance.




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BUSTER! is the world's first iDNA (Interactive Digitally Native Artist) multi media format IP incorporating TV, Music, Social Media, & Digital Art. We aim for Buster! to be present across all these platforms creating a unique IP that truly encapsulates the evolving landscape of the digital creative arts and technology. Buster will be one of the first digital artists to break the 3rd wall and interact with the world as a real person.